Since 2010 Lyrics

Pushing about 80 in my silver bird Bma
Destination not sure just need a breather
Streets look empty like movie set scene
On the flip side it’s a director’s wet dream
My thoughts are getting crowed
So driving is what I need
Thank god am working Unemployment on a hike
Any work r8t now be looking some cake
sister turned 30 now we both in our 30’s
Mama stressing mad coz she needs wedding toast
guess we all here out wishing for the most
Assa try to fineness out of my limbo state
Being lone wolf has dangers
When you have no pack plus nothing to loose
Alone time I love it fiercely independent
At times I detach due to some truest issues
Music and acting is where my seeds are planted
They think am crazy yeah at times granted
Damn am exhausted
Social tired
When think about the things
That I want to achieve
All eyes on me
As if am the chief
Mama am working
Everyday am trying
When think about the things
That I want to achieve
The road I’ve taken
lnner child unleashed
It’s been a wild ride
But am smiling inside
To reduce stress opinions
Gatt take care of my chickens
Felt those words deep what Marshawn said
Half a loaf is better than no bread understand
Am managing money better
No longer loose with cheddar
Running outta time need to make a decision
Looking SA lemme start connectin’
Called my cousin up hey Gaga Gaga
The kid gat jokes it’s all love no drama
we speak same language both big dreamers
His out there hustling amongst the biggest of shaka’s
Praying he stays safe from the xenophobic
Some are killing our peoples sadly out in public
We strong when United
Divided we the weakest
A new decade is upon us
Time to see whose the strongest
Drama school punched me fell down one knee
Cried for a bit
Now am back on the boat
Steady waters at the moment sailing in my solitude
Not sure about tomorrow
But it’s a must for gratitude
At times I get complacent
Forgetting I got a life jacket
Am swimming deep waters on this jazzy jazzy beat
My body might be trapped but the spirit is not
This album wasn’t planned
But I slowly pieced it
Been holding it down
For the longest of time
If patience is a crime
Then am doing time
Came far from not nice to she nice Y’all need playback best wishes smiling right now as
am rapping Stig knows my journey for really
From shows with no one in attendance
To right now feeling like the greatest This album is a marking of a decade
Flash back rapping in the backyard
Clap for me when you see me face to face
Forgive my arrogance am feeling blessed
Tides on the beat money on a drip
Bane city alumni do I need a ticket
Foreva in debt to the 4k
Took me thru the ringer but I still stayed
Train rides bus rides Southside