Move A Little Closer Lyrics

The feels, these feels are amazing
My heart is full of colours yo am painting
Devine presentation of your presence
Truth be told only gawd has the answer
Why you choose me it’s a puzzle
My homie told me men strike from visual
So you know I  gatta ask
What was it that you saw
That made you strike
Ah ah baby
don shy now
You do know something like Jon Snow
Clear thinker
We trapped in bubble
It’s only misfits who end up in giggle
Purple rain purple rain yeah we bath in it
Blood rushing two bodies colliding
It’s mental and physical
We borderline
Let’s be right when everything is so wrong

Dance with me
Like nobody is watching us
Feel a little chill
With a slide touch
Move a little close
Can we go deeper
Move a little close
We can go
Hold up, let’s take it from the top
Tossing sliding like Russell and C
Should we stop, exercise free will
No entanglements like Jada and Will
Let’s take a break
Better board than staying busy
Let’s tweet sober reply drunk
These are the games we play
We are the names they say
Lust, passion, desire
Adam and Eve in the garden
Tooketh a bite on the forbidden
Who are we, not strangers
Haven’t seen each other in some years
In my lounge posted frontin, I toast
Get my flirt on promise not ghost
When the mind speaks without permission it’s lie
Do you believe everything that we saying’